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 Temporary Hokage (Announcement)

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Temporary Hokage (Announcement) Empty
PostSubject: Temporary Hokage (Announcement)   Temporary Hokage (Announcement) EmptySat Jul 18, 2015 9:43 am

To all denizens of the Konohagakure!

Due to blessed state, current hokage Aburame A'nai is taking a year long leave to take care of maternal matters, joyful be her task. In her stead village elders have chosen Uchiha Tadeo, first Hokage's son, to act as temporary holder of Hokage's office. May his reign be firm and blessed.

In addition, there will be personnel inspections and revisions. Please try to organize some time in order to visit the office during working hours to be either assigned back to your previous task or reassigned.

Signed: Council of Elders
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Temporary Hokage (Announcement)
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