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 Military reorganization of team system (Announcement)

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Military reorganization of team system (Announcement) Empty
PostSubject: Military reorganization of team system (Announcement)   Military reorganization of team system (Announcement) EmptyMon Jul 20, 2015 9:33 am

It shall be known,

that in order to make village genin more flexible and effective force we are dividing you into two parts. Team organized individuals for specific missions and reserve forces who are to form temporary teams of varied number and skill set as required and available. If you are not in an assigned team, you are in the reserve. Each team is to be assigned an mon type emblem, an burning red flame and flowing blue river respectively and attach it somewhere on their uniform. Teams are as follows:

Team one - Shikoshoku no hono
Commander: Takara Sumiko

Member: Nara Ume

Member: Uchiha Kazumi

Member: Hyuuga Kahenha

Member: Urayama Kinnojo

Team two - Konpeki no kawa
Commander: Hatake Karu

Member: Kishida Ichirou

Member: Nara Kisame

Member: Uchiha Uma

Member: Uchiha Yumi
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Military reorganization of team system (Announcement)
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