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 Sarutobi, Katriana

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PostSubject: Sarutobi, Katriana   Sarutobi, Katriana EmptyMon Jul 27, 2015 10:58 pm

Sarutobi, Katriana I_ll_help_you__by_gento153-d7z4vrr
Sarutobi, Katriana
Aged: 25
Village: Konoha
Clan: Sarutobi
Eyes: Violet
Hair: Violet, long.
Build: Slim

Born in uncertain times, Katriana spent her youth training as a shinobi in her family, one of a family of three sibling Kinjo, Matai, and Katriana herself. Destined to become a shinobi, rather then a diplomat like her other sibling Kinjo, she worked hard in the academy, did well and graduated. She was respectable with others, if a bit on edge, almost always to be found with a monkey summon or some such, she had a promising career as a genin for awhile.
Sadly though during a diplomatic mission, Kinjo passed on, moving her life from one of a shinobi to that of a diplomat, taking her brothers place. For most of her life as a young adult on into adulthood she served as a diplomatic until very recently, politics shifting, war afoot, she was pushed back into life as a shinobi proper, her skills a bit of a mismatch she'd start training. Unlike most of her peers she is well trained, and mannered. She has a passive response to her older brother Matai who shares a similar history to herself.
As a diplomat she spent most of her time moving between tea and grass, and knows a few ANBU though she'd never speak to it, one or two even personally as one does when they are young and constantly covered by someone. She pushes a passive demeanor, not so easily phased even in face of death. This doesn't really mesh well with being a shinobi, stealth not really her thing, and her assistant monkey friends being more cerebral then combat orientated. Pressing forwards throughout the shinobi world she'd press for jutsu after jutsu, and try if belatedly to continue on in the clan ways.

Note: Well an unknown to most of the clan nor the village at large. Kinjo was not slain by bandit raid, nor happenstance, but rather simply to belay a treaty to a time more fitting, well Matai and Katriana know this, they carry the burden of his death hard and heavy over the years, especially as they had taken his place for so long, potentially on the chopping block as well.

Mother 48- Okeni
Father 50- Akuba
Brother : Kinjo (Died at 13, Katriana aged 10 at the time, Matai aged 11)
Brother: Matai: 1 year older then Katriana - share the same birthday November the 5th~

Elements: Water, Doton, Raiton, Shadow, Blood

Slots: Pending
Sarutobi's Resolve (Revised Core, may also purchase standard later on)
The loss of her brother, marks Katriana's resolve a bit different then others, defense is fine, but the best defense is a good offense, hard, swift, potent strikes are her gambit
Base: +1d2 Ninjutsu per round
Upgrade I: 1d3+1 Ninjutsu per round
Upgrade II: 1d4+1 Ninjutsu per round

First Pillar
Core Ability
Ninjutsu is the most respected, art of shinobi in general practice, excelling at ninjutsu adds to ones mystery and prowess, while not being as troublesome and undermining of the mind as genjutsu. An art to be trusted, but also an art that does not always leave one to being obvious when they ought not be.
Base: +0 to Ninjutsu rolls
Upgrade I: +1 to Ninjutsu rolls
Upgrade II: +2 to Ninjutsu rolls

Second Pillar
Through secret clan technique, those of the Sarutobi are trained in combining elements in sequence to gain a powerful benefit. Seen by techniques that follow up wind by fire, and earth by lightning, and so on elements building upon each other. One hand must wash the other
Base: Whenever a Sarutobi clan member uses a jutsu that is strong against the one they used last, that jutsu gains a stacking +1 bonus to its roll and +1 stacking damage.
Upgrade I: Claim 2 elemental affinities (fire, water, earth, lightning, and wind only), and redeem 1 free E rank in each
(Doton, Raiton)

Advanced Chakra Nature: Blood Release
Katriana, in her later life has developed an advanced chakra nature, a fushion of shadow and water, that allows her to control the flow of blood to potentially catastrophic effect, the jutsu she creates with this have a tendency to devour people alive.
Duel Slot: Gain Shadow and Blood elements, and redeem a free E rank in each
Shadow: Negatives, Duration. Blood: HP Damage, Vamp HP Regeneration.

Monkey contract
Among a great many treaties and alliances, is the contract of the monkey, members of the Sarutobi clan all sign the clans contract to give homage to the monkey clan which they may summon from. Though not all take advantage of perfecting summoning, all have pledged to defend the monkey realm from attack. The Sarutobi alone among known ninja clan summoners, have a human summoning pact with their opposite. At least once in their history the entirety of the clan vanished for a week in order to defend the monkey kingdom, and stipulations that this might need to occur are present in all treaties, though perhaps worded very carefully.
Base: Grade I summon
Upgrade I: Grade II summon (lvl 20 required)
Upgrade II: Grade III summon (lvl 30 required)

Benji is Katriana's faithful retainer, a summoned monkey who has long since helped her with her diplomatic work.
5 Intelligence
4 Strength
4 Constitution
1 Charisma
1 Wisdom
1 Dexterity
1 pp: Medical Ninjutsu
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Sarutobi, Katriana
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