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 Jomei of the Wind Temple

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PostSubject: Jomei of the Wind Temple   Fri Jul 31, 2015 1:25 pm

Name: Jomei Haga
Alias: Jomei of the Wind Temple
Affiliations: Wind temple, Sunagakure, Wind Country
Rank: Genin
Occupation: Shinobi-Monk
Combat Style: Taijutsu/fuuton ninjutsu
Elemental Preference: Fuuton
Squad: N/A

Lifetime: 18
Gender: Male
Height: 180 cm
Weight: 110 kg
Eyes: Gray
Hair: Sandy/brown colored
Skin: Heavily sun tanned
Build: Muscular
Outfit: Simple robes in white and light blues
Sexual Orientation: Bisexual
Marital Status: N/A
Significant Likes: Training, meditation, me time, wind and storms, freedom
Significant Dislikes: To see suffering of others, power hungry individuals

Work off his servitude
Find out what was the debt
Find the meaning of life
Enjoy tea in every country
See the world and beyond
Find a traveling companion
Visit his family
See his siblings become good people

Ichibei - Father (Farmer)
Sawako - Mother (Farmer)
Eho - Sister (Merchant)
Yujiro - Brother (Thug)
Tanjiro - Brother (Thug)


 One of four children born into poor wind country family, Jomei Haga was free and bright but rather quiet and introverted individual. He grew up alongside his siblings until he reached his first decade of life, and had his skills noted by a passing monk that family offered shelter to during one of the storms. When storm cleared monk has offered young Jomei to accompany him on the travels, and perhaps one day earn entry into the Wind temple as one of the brothers.
 Two years passed in traveling all over country of wind and its neighboring countries, where Jomei served the monk as a traveling companion and camp follower. And in turn he was taught some basics of monk related life from philosophical to martial. Eventually their journey ended at the doors of the Wind temple, where he was admitted into over next couple of weeks.
 Six years has Jomei Haga, now known as Jomei of the Wind lived and trained as a brother ninja-monk. And for six years his life was content and without many worries beyond making sure duties and chores were done and his training continued. That is until he got summoned to speak with the head of the temple, to be given rather distressing news. It would seem that for reasons undisclosed to him, he was to be sent into Shinobi village of Sunagakure and serve alongside its members, as a tribute for some past transgression or debt, from Wind Temple to the Kazekage and his village.

Overall Personality:

 Jomei is of very free and open personality. He accepts the troubles of the world as they come and deals with them as able. His manner is tempered by discipline drilled into him by the monks, but on occasional slip he shows his more basic roots. One of more enjoyable pastimes for him include drinking tea, meditating and trying to discuss finer things in life while avoiding verbal and physical conflict wherever possible.

Level: 10
HP: 19
CP: 22
Elemental Affinity: Fuuton
Equipment: Staff

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PostSubject: Re: Jomei of the Wind Temple   Fri Jul 31, 2015 1:29 pm


Balance of mind and body
Understanding and applying the concept of balance between mind and physical types of energy, and working hard on maintaining it, Jomei finds that he is more energetic overall and has larger amounts of chakra stored and avaliable.
Base: +3 Chakra points
Upgrade I: +5 Chakra points
Upgrade II: +8 Chakra points

Mastery of mind and body
Due to countless hours spent working on meditative techniques to keep discipline and focus straight even in worst cases, and body and mind alike, working despite the torpor inflicted on them.
Base: Act while stunned Mental 5cp/Act while stunned Physical 5cp
Upgrade I: Act while stunned Mental 4cp/Act while stunned Physical 4cp
Upgrade II: Act while stunned Mental 3cp/Act while stunned Physical 3cp

Wind control
Practicing teachings of the wind temple, Jomei is rather skilled in controling the ebb and flow of the fuuton techniques, making it easier to focus such onto a target.
Base: +1 Fuuton rolls
Upgrade I: +2 Fuuton rolls
Upgrade II: +3 Fuuton rolls

Eroding the mountain
Another wind temple specific style application for the fuuton jutsu is trying to use constant flow of air at same spots to gradually erode it, in same manner wind erodes the rocks.
Base: +d2+1 Fuuton damage/round
Upgrade I: +1d4+1 Fuuton damage/round
Upgrade II: +1d4+2 Fuuton damage/round

Advanced affinity
Jomei seems to have rather unusually high affinity for fuuton formation in any shape and form. And this has caused his techniques to utilize less chakra than usual.
Upgrade II: -1 CP cost Fuuton Jutsu

Biting winds
Personal twist to fuuton application where chilling wind drains physical energy out of the target, biting trough the skin and flesh and cooling even the bones, and then returning back to the user, providing the sustenance it stole from the target.
Upgrade I: +1 Vamp HP regen Fuuton
Upgrade II: +d2 Vamp HP regen Fuuton
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PostSubject: Re: Jomei of the Wind Temple   Fri Jul 31, 2015 1:32 pm



Wind Blast
After a hand seal the user exhales, creating a blast of cutting wind.
Type/Rank: E Rank Fuuton Ninjutsu (WIS)
Cost: 1 CP
Effect: Single Target Attack. Deals Base Rank Damage +1

Wind Dagger
After a hand seal the user spits out a rapid bolt of wind, thin, almost like a needle. This pierces through minor defenses.
Type/Rank: E Rank Fuuton Ninjutsu (WIS)
Cost: 1 CP
Effect: Single Target Attack. Deals Base Rank Damage, Critical hit on 17-20.
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PostSubject: Re: Jomei of the Wind Temple   

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Jomei of the Wind Temple
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