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 Guideline: RP Length

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PostSubject: Guideline: RP Length   Sat Aug 01, 2015 3:32 am

Desired Roleplay

  • Roleplay on this server comes in many forms. Whether people like to write long-winded explanations, or shorter, more concise ones that still get to the point, and explain how their slot or technique works.

  • Not so much as a arbitrary minimum, but a guideline, players are preferred to submit at least two sentences for most things, explaining how it works, and why it works within the setting.

  • Cause and effect, or How and Why. Your technique causes something, and the effect is this. For example: "After a number of signs, ending in Ram, the user's Chakra is brought through their arms, along the network, and extended from the fingertips in a orange-reddish hue of fire that creates a burst of flame upon the target. The damage comes from the immense heat of the Jutsu being used, causing some burns upon the skin if hit directly." That would be an example of a D-Rank, but you don't always have to write that much!

  • The RP Mechanic staff is always here to help, within your thread or on their 3rd party applications if you do need writing. Though, keep in mind, if you are a little blocked with your writing, you can always use the resources around you, you are on the internet after all!

  • The world is constantly moving, and lore is a real thing. These should be reflected in your submissions, and the team is there to add proper cohesion into the setting, not to deny you if you can't write very much.

  • We're not asking for much, just an extra few words. I would like to stress immensely, however, first and foremost, this is a Roleplay server, and your Roleplay should describe the effects of your Rollplay. We're built on the basis of the Naruto(TM) universe, not of it's numbers. We have created those numbers, but our descriptions and descriptors should stay within that.

  • There are many resources available to players if they are struggling, DMs being one of those many. If you have inquiries about what is in the world, or need a brush up, the Naruto(TM) Wiki is a good place to start.

  • Want to submit a Clan or Bloodline? Great! All we ask, is that when you have it, also poke your Village DM about the clan's history and how it can fit into their village. It would be a great start to creating new RP within the world.

  • Have a dark and spooky Kinjutsu? That's good too. All we need from you is an explanation upon how it works, preferrably with a little bit more explanation on how it affect the user, because most do have negatives.


  • An E-D-C-B Rank Technique, exampled.

    • E-Ranks are rather simple, and can be explained in a few words, such as: "The user makes a few handsigns, and upon ending at the last linking of fingers, They breath forth through the opening in their fingertips, creating a burst of fire, to burn the foe rather easily."
    • D-Ranks have a few more options, and those can look like: "The user creates a number of handsigns, the Chakra extending through their system and focusing upon the fingers as a catalyst, and the lips as a trigger, allowing a steady stream of heavy flame to fly forth when they breathe through said fingers. This can cause a large burning infliction upon the skin with lengthened contact."
    • C-Ranks and B-Ranks are much of the same, however, they can be lengthened and are preferred to be lengthened depending on the circumstance of their Jutsu.

  • A-S Rank Techniques are a bit more complex and ground-breaking. These have a preference toward a bit more writing behind them.

    • A-Rank Example: "With a myriad of handsigns and a focus behind them being ending in a rarer sign of Tiger, Raiton energies become visible as they coalesces around the user's body, sparkling and crackling off of the air with a aura of danger around those seeing the technique. After this, they begin to all form onto a focal point, the tip of the fingers as the user moves their hands forwards and takes aim. As the crackling Chakra coalesces about the fingertips, it releases in a single, extremely quick burst, a spear of raw lightning aimed right towards the target in a split-second flash of Chakra. This technique was meant for those who dodge to have a quite troubled time, causing them to think ahead and keep moving to not allow the user to aim in the first place. If this hits, however, it arcs along the enemy's body, attacking the Chakra points around the area where it hit, alongside piercing quite easily where it struck."

    • S-Rank Example: Much of the same, but even more devastating in the grand scheme of writing.

  • Obviously, you don't have to write as much. Though, to get a general grasp on things, there are a number of ways to explain how the technique works, and to reiterate, DMs are always here to help, whether it be on the forums or on Skype.

Closing Notes AKA TL;DR

  • Cause and Effect or How and Why: These are all that need to be explained in techniques, with as much or as little words as you'd like.
  • Sentences: While it's preferred you write a few sentences for us to better gain a grasp of your technique, each one has it's own intricacies and complexities we can't always account for, and it is just a preference to be precise about how your technique works.
  • Sense: While all of these things are RP Guidelines, it should still make sense in the lore, and that is something we wish to uphold as a staff.
  • Assistance: All RP Mechanics are available to help with RP writing of techniques and slots, if you find yourself at a block, or wish to add a bit more to add a bit of flavor to your techniques!
  • Consistency: Most of this guideline is to have consistent amounts of sense and cohesion on techniques, and people will always write more or less than others. You need not find this daunting, as we are only here to uphold a fun environment to play in.
  • "Rules and Requirements": By no means is the same lines as I exampled above a requirement, the only requirement we stipulate on techniques is the "How and Why" or "Cause and Effect", as long as you explain those, there is no limit or requirement in word count of line count.

Thank you for reading, and I do hope this explained a bit more of our stance on RP!
Sincerely, RP Mechanics Staff.
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Guideline: RP Length
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