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 A few questions and ideas.

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PostSubject: A few questions and ideas.   Sat Aug 01, 2015 10:16 pm

First Question:

So, I'm curious about making a jutsu that could allow for your Basic Attacks to count as X element for Y rounds. It would probably code as.. Deals Base Damage for 1d2 rounds, for an E-Rank for example. The point of doing it is to gain all of your Element specific bonuses on basic attacks for a number of rounds. The reason for this should be obvious, to save on chakra.

Second Question:

I'm curious about multiple use jutsu. It's similar to the above in some respects, but I'll generate a code for thinking. Deals Base Damage + 1d6 for 1d3 rounds. (1d3 rounds being uses). The point of this is similar to the above. It's effectively a buff, but gaining the ability to also count your basic attacks as the elemental type, plus the buffs damage.

Third Question:

How do Multi-attack roll jutsu work? There was mention of these under the DR per Hit entries, but not any rules regarding them.
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A few questions and ideas.
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