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 Ruby, The path of revenge (Solo/Private)

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PostSubject: Ruby, The path of revenge (Solo/Private)   Sun Aug 02, 2015 4:36 am

The land around her was full of craters and toppled trees, not to say anything of the bits of debris that was the result of such destruction, scattered around the entire area.
Ruby looked at the destruction with a contemplative frown, rubbing her lightly bruised fist absent mindedly as the earlier cuts and bruises faded rapidly.
For the past several days, she'd come to this secluded place to practice, train, and become stronger, in her mind she had an idea, but she couldn't make it work. At least, not with only using her raw physical strength alone.
The craters were the result of her striking the ground with all the strength she could muster, both from a standing position, and from diving out of the sky in an attempt to hit it harder and more effectively. None of her attempts thus far had procured satisfying results.

She sighed heavily and sat just as heavily on a fallen tree, that she'd earlier struck and knocked down out of sheer frustration. She rested her chin in the cup of her hand and started thinking about Chakra, everyone always spoke about it, and managed impressive feats through its use. Up to this point, however, she still hadn't learned even the basics of learning to control it, and she'd be damned if she had to go crawling back to Kidd or Raven and ask them for help. She would figure it out on her own.
Ruby reflected on what she knew about her own Chakra, since she knew next to nothing about Chakra in general, it was all she had to work with. Although even about her own, all she really knew about it was that it lent her body incredible healing abilities and that it was a violent force within her that retaliated at whatever harmed her.
She sat there, staring at the crater marked ground for what was likely hours, as she tried to figure something out, then, she had an epiphany of sorts, though most people would just call it an 'idea'.
She scanned the ground for something she could use for her idea and sighted a sharp rock. Striding over to it, she picked it up and bounced it in the palm of her hand, gnawing on her lower lip for a moment as she regarded it.
She then crouched down, setting it on the ground with the sharpest point, pointing upwards, towards the sky. Taking a step back, Ruby took a deep breath, then as she exhaled, she leaped forward, landing with a crash as she rammed her fist into the ground, more specifically on to the rock that she'd placed. The rock sliced through her fist as she struck it, slicing open the skin and causing blood to start free flowing out of her hand. There was a momentary pause, then, the force of her punch, along with the added ferocity of her Chakra as it poured to her hand to heal and retaliate against the injury, all came in to evident force. A shock wave spread over the earth with her fist as the epicentre, then the ground cracked sharply, and all at once, the ground shook, cracked more, and flew up in to the air, like a massive explosion, all of this happening within mere moments. Ruby looked around her, and she couldn't see anything through the thick haze of dirt, dust, rock, and other bits of this and that flying around, she'd found her answer, at least something temporary she could use until she could finally figure Chakra out properly.
As the dust and debris settled back to the ground, she looked down at where the rock she punched had been before. Nothing existed of that rock anymore. It had been blown apart by the terrifying force. As had much of the earth, a massive, ragged crater had been punched in to the ground where she stood, partially filled back in by the settling debris.
She shook her sore hand as her body took over healing the injury back up, and she took another look around, appraising her surroundings before realising she needed a new training area, someone probably noticed that explosion of debris, even in a remote area like what she was in. She set off quickly, heading back home before anyone came to investigate, resolving that she'll have to set out in search of a new training ground elsewhere on the morrow. However, she felt the warming sensation in her heart that she was growing stronger, which meant she would become ever closer to achieving her goal, her revenge was coming, one day.
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Ruby, The path of revenge (Solo/Private)
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