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 [Announcement] [Sunagakure no Sato Employment Records]

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PostSubject: [Announcement] [Sunagakure no Sato Employment Records]   Mon Aug 03, 2015 4:43 am

:A notice is posted on the bulletin board informing all ranks of employment available through out the city:

OOC: PM Your faction Dm's to register for a job . Tokens gained from doing a job are locked to that charc. Abuse of things get them taken away.

Quote :

Jobs are a RP Tool used to further flesh out a characters development, as well as a way to afford the Ryo costs of the Ninja World. These Jobs can also be used for Role Play Events of the lower or less threatening nature.


Jobs are available at one per player account. They receive a salary as well as additional bonuses based on their specific roles.

Salary is accounted for on both player biography and DM Records. Each pay period is Once a week, every Sunday.

All Jobs have a base Salary dependent on their Rank.

Genin: 20,000 Ryo
Chunin: 40,000 Ryo
Jonin: 60,000 Ryo

Further more, specific jobs grant additional benefits.

Quote :
You send your time deep in books and the like when not on missions but because of this you have found new ways for your village to better it's self found . Caches of hidden knowledge , and even at times share your experiences with your peers.
+ 1 LP Towards Chosen Discipline Teaching and Learning
+ Player may request mission to further research.
Note: The Village funds this through research grants

Quote :
Medical Nin
You spend your time tending allies and when in combat your are key to success. When at home you are helping to train up and coming medical nin or helping out at the hospital.
+ 1 LP Towards Medical Discipline Teaching and Learning
+ Based on Rank Player gains 5/7/10 JP worth of Medical Related Tools. (You may submit customize Medical tools)

Quote :
Combat Nin
Your the rank and file when not on missions you do your own thing  , rather its dodging work , eating romen  or training. You are a Ninja.
+ 1 LP Towards Chosen Discipline Teaching and Learning
+ Based on Rank Player gains 5/7/10 JP worth of Tools. (You may submit customize  tools)

Quote :
Security Forces
Border patrol, internal security, locking up the village drunk to cool off. Not as glamorous as you remember being told but it does have its merits and at least you get to go out of the city more.  
+ Player has access to special missions in relation to Threats to Village and Country
+ Based on Rank Player gains 5/7/10 JP worth of Security Force Related Tools. (You may submit customize Security tools)

Quote :
Inquisitorial Division/Investigator
Your the one they call in when they bring in the tough ones. The people that just won't crack , you know they know it. They don't want to give it. Its your job to get it out of them...Rather with jutsu, tools or just being trained and skilled in this..It's the art of getting what they want hidden out of them for the betterment of the village.
+ Player has access to special Missions in relation to Tasks
Upon Selecting the Job Select one of the Following. This choice may be changed with Faction DM permission
+ 1 LP Towards Chosen Discipline Teaching and Learning
+ Based on Rank Player gains 5/7/10 JP worth of Interrogation Tools. (You may submit customize Interrogation tools)

Quote :
Intelligence Division
The codes and dialects of the world one by one you start to gain greater insight into to their workings .With this you have gathered the resources and knowledge to expand upon this .
+ Player has access to special Missions in relation to Roles
Genin:  6 notes, 2 Dialects, 1 Codes
Chunin: 12  notes, 4 Dialects, 2 Codes
Jonin: 18 notes, 6 Dialects, 3 Codes

Once a week select a Country. On pay day you gain 1 Note for that country.

1 Note the Player is well versed in Customs, 2 Notes the Player is versed in Location, 3 Notes + Dialect the Player gains Native Assimilation.

2 Notes + 1 Week can be used to learn the Dialect of the Country.

3 + The Dialect + 1 Week can be used to break War Time Code.

Note: Changing jobs looses access to War Time Code.

Quote :
Academy Instructor and Mentoring/Observation:
You teach and train other ninjas to be at the top of their form. You mentor and guide those coming up through the ranks ensuring they are prepared for the decisions and challenges ahead of them. Also observe missions and create them for training purposes.
+ 1 LP Towards Teaching and Learning
+ Player has access to Special Instructional Missions
Note: Players have access to Standard Jutsu Scrolls for Instructional Purposes

Quote :
Civilian Laborer
For Artists, Entertainers, Models. Civilian Jobs of varying degrees of success and notoriety.
+ Players gain access to Special Event based on Job.
+ Based on Rank player gains 30,00/50,000/80,000 Ryo per week
Note: Ryo is acquired on Pay Day

Quote :
You found your trade and it lays in making whats trapped in your mind eye through hours of labor you have began to perfect your art. Rather buying,  selling or trading you make the best of it . You make it your self
+ Players gain 8 Crafting Points for the week. Crafting points refresh on Pay Day.
+ Based on Rank Player gains 5/7/10 JP worth of Tools. (You may submit customize tools)
Note: Crafting Points reduce the JP of an item at a 1 for 1 point value.

Quote :
Jobs and Missions :
If you have a selected job, a number of times per week based upon rank you can run the following based on your job .

Genin : 1 x [Training] Mission , 1 X D -Rank mission
Chunin: 2X [ Training] Mission , 1 x D- rank Mission
Jounin: 2x [Training] Misson , 2 x D-rank mission

Those who went on the mission will be expected to write a report as they would for any other mission . Upon completion pay will be handled. A summary of the missions ran or the report will delivered to the faction dm. If you don't have a "faction"submit the report to faction/Lore dm.

Note: Requires a min. of one other person besides your self. (Cohorts/Pets/Summons dont count )
Note: Events that are'nt a D-Rank/Training mission similar in scale to the above posted with out faction DM approval can result in loss of the ability to run these for your associate faction.

Quote :
Assigned to Genin fresh out of the academy D-Rank assignments are odd jobs such as baby sitting, pet retrieval, and farm work. D-Rank assignments pose next to no risks and pay between 5000 to 50,000 ryo.

Quote :
Research Materials:
At any point when paying for a jutsu you can use  20k Ryo as 1 token up to 1/2 the cost of the Jutsu .

Note: Making multiple accounts to get multiple jobs is a no no.

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PostSubject: Re: [Announcement] [Sunagakure no Sato Employment Records]   Mon Aug 03, 2015 4:55 pm



Quote :

Chi Kenichi (Artisan)
I'shmel Jikodo (Artisan)

Guard Station:

Quote :
"Social Services office":

Kain Buraindo:
Anja Jinrai :
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[Announcement] [Sunagakure no Sato Employment Records]
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