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 Server Population!

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PostSubject: Server Population!   Server Population! EmptyWed Aug 05, 2015 8:13 pm

It's pretty low right now, so I want to ask my fellow players, and the ones who left who might be lurking..

What happened that made you want to stop playing the server?

Is there something that could change that would draw you back? (And obviously, what is it?)

The server has some pretty solid foundation, we just need to adjust the beams to build it into a skyscraper and it can't be done without the community at large.
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PostSubject: Re: Server Population!   Server Population! EmptyWed Aug 05, 2015 8:17 pm

I know a few people left due to lack of things do to between events, lack of different villages interacting ect.
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PostSubject: Re: Server Population!   Server Population! EmptyWed Aug 05, 2015 11:26 pm

I think a lot of the problems here come from a few sources. The main thing you'd want to do while you were not on mission in previous iterations, or just in general, is be able to pursue things and have it mean something. IE: Training in previous iterations was a bigger then, with more standard jutsu to learn, to encourage teaching of others, with systems that made it impossible to ever one shot a lesson with a single post or even three, unless it was very low rank and you were very high rank. The basic idea of that is to have training be a big part of your ninjaing, where as now its a few minutes before you go off to IRL work... not like what you want to do for the day of RP. There's no reason to play out failure, there's no reason to play out anything else, there's no DM sitting there going 'you know that was a really well done post take this slight bonus to learning', or bend the rules for certain circumstances that made no sense for you to fail... or to say no when you put no effort in and just rolled high (if at least in the way of not giving tokens for things).

On the flip side you got everything roleplay based, did you want to leave your village? This is the only server to not let genin outside the village, previous ones were genin couldn't leave the country. So you could at least go around meeting interesting people. Instead your left with everyone but 4 people 3 of them on staff who are chuunin, and a situation where to function in konoha you actually need to be either a chuunin, or on staff pay. That is you cannot advance, you don't get to go on the missions being ran unless you have enough tokens in on a character, which will only come in if you are on staff, as more and more B ranks are being ran and C ranks are their own thing. Rather then playing a side role or doing your best, as in previous iterations (where the was no real threat of you dying in most of them) this one has that in spades.

As to pursuing other goals you generally want to shoot for just going for chuunin, or slightly better not even that much better, genin; which your DM may or may not think is a joke. It falls out like this, there's a trap to advancing your character in roleplay only, that is seeking clan head, or a teaching role, or a very high up job. That is the DMs (or at least the head RP DM has said he would) make those characters into legacy characters. There's also rules against non-canon/server lore things. IE: No dragons, no cursed fruit, no mages, no-non-ninja, no clans from outside the village (anymore), no bloodlines from outside the villages, no elements that don't fit your environment (though that will just delay your creation apparently), no flying except in special cases, no special means of communication beyond a certain abstract rank of jutsu with abstract rules, no chakra vampires, no playing cat girls, no playing cat boys, no playing jinkuuriki... and so on. Meaning if you wanted to also be a vampire hunter, you really can't. So your left with only one thing, which is seeking out being a ninja and if you do too well at that your basically going to be out of play.

It'd be a bit easier to consider your character an NPC who does general NPC things, your supposed to be a bit bland, you don't really talk back and are with the authority whatever it is, and are there to serve the plot not interact with it. You can do things like have a romantic relationship but really the staff won't think highly of you if that's all you do, even if that's all you can do. Essentially there are some things like pursuing jobs and the like, but they're pretty rough and rugged and most of them have an end state where you stop being able to play your character if you go too high in them so pursuing them is at best just a passive thing you do for buffs, as the system itself is designed to make you rampantly lose characters that aren't going just straight up shinobi with no special ambition outside of that. So you can train and submit things or build for the server. When chuunin comes about people will have more opportunities to do more which is kind of the intention, but really there's not much sense in doing anything else but pretending your a background NPC as you'll likely get shut down hard otherwise.

So right now primarily you want to wait til there's something scheduled sign up for it and then log in for that so you don't waste too much time just sitting logged in, unless you have some prescribed interaction planned with someone. You might consider going missing to avoid the village rules, but the only way to do that is to get the village on your bad side and then you won't have any DM to run events for you regularly which is kinda a lose-lose. So its really not enough, that and there's 18 hours a day that aren't really likely to have a DM on who does events.

~~ Essentially though the only ones getting ahead are on staff though, this at least is transparent along with a kind of totalitarian nature and a lot of miniature explosions and difficulty keeping up. I can see why a lot of people don't have time for a server they don't get to actually play on a lot. I've seen a lot of people just sit around with nothing and more nothing and quit. The launch happened when it did to try and get things up and running, with changes not happening like they should and as they should and the people behind them well, leaving themselves. Our previous host and present hosts (as you can see from the troll post above) do not believe the server is going to work out, and have both said such repeatedly in the staff chat as a sort of mantra, the first one dropping off completely in a negative fashion and the present one just repeating that every time he comes into staff chat - hes looking for a new host and has a few offers out... but its... really not like people don't know things are messed up... even the people who are enforcing how things presently are with the status qua don't want to actually play... Most of staff chat is just about complaining about the same people over and the same people making the complaints over and over (myself included) with little actual progress. As a bonus there's like equal parts hidden rp rules, and system rules that aren't listed, so... yeah.
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PostSubject: Re: Server Population!   Server Population! EmptyThu Aug 06, 2015 12:20 am

I have a suggestion that might help get more players to join yet again, but not 100% sure. I, however, am going to propose the dms and staff open up the other villages to play in but without any clans or bloodlines set. have a contest set up for people to make their own clans/bloodlines for the villages. this way, the server population would have a say in how the other villages turn out and would get tokens for their clan/bloodline char and with new villages available, there might be more opportunity for rp. Thoughts?
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PostSubject: Re: Server Population!   Server Population! EmptyThu Aug 06, 2015 1:11 am

This server has good foundations that were set up by individuals who had a very specific vision and ideology in mind when the most basic concepts and forms of it were created and laid down. They were by no means perfect, I will be the first to admit this. But the system did have something that it was supposed to carry with it; Fun and enjoyment.

The system was meant to be something fun and exciting to delve into, for players to enjoy and create with to make their own really custom, unique feeling character. Players were meant to be the special snowflakes of the ninja world, if they chose to be in their own way. Every individual in the source material, even the people in the same clans felt relatively unique or at least different, taking the same baselines and working them into their own personalized feel.

This was meant to be the way things worked for both RP, and DF systems. This was something that was very hard fought, and took a lot of effort from those that created the systems originally under Luke, as well as myself leading and guiding the other half of things outside the original dice fight numbers with the feel that we were really going for. Then a split and change in leadership happened, and the admins at the time, along with Cherri, or DM Boruto, began to change at a fundamental level what that vision was.

New people were brought on staff who did not share the original vision, had no idea what was required in order to keep that vision alive or why it was important. Instead, they relied on the mentality of "Our experience from past servers says this is how we make things better". Without taking the time to stop for a second and realize that all of those past servers failed horribly. This was meant to be a place where you could come and have fun, and it turned into a bureaucratic mess of certain people trying to create a 'standardized' system without realizing they were in fact killing the very reason this server meant to exist in the first place.

Rather than make the changes in staff and vision that needed to be made with the removal of certain individuals from the spots they were in or from the staff entirely, it was decided that hurting their feelings and telling them 'no' was too difficult to accomplish. Our admins were not originally brought on staff to handle the actual day to day affairs of the server, or even the direction it was meant to take. This split created massive issues and this server became a place instead where it was important to have 75% of the staff dedicated to being arbitrarily judgmental about player concepts, taking away enjoyment and fun while actually thinking they made positive contributions.

The people who began the original visions for this place were shut out and pushed back, their ideas and their beliefs and vision stopped, and instead we were allowed to devolve to the point where it is now. A place which thinks that making up insane numbers of ######## rules for literally every insignificant thing is more important than actually having fun. We have staff who don't even come player side, and a general unwillingness to allow anyone outside of faction leadership to do anything, up to and including running events, without expressed permission from faction leaders.

The staff didn't trust one another and became factionalized when the power and vision was decentralized, in the hands of people who shouldn't have had a say in anything, let alone be put in charge of large staff positions of power. I removed my funding from the project, because I don't support things which will ultimately fail. People refused to listen and charged ahead in what they thought was the right direction without realizing that it made it the same ######## as any other server in the past.

People lost interest. And at this point the damage has been done. The chance that we did have has passed, and the people who decided they should run things as they have, failed, because they lost sight of what we were supposed to be, and what we should have been, and instead focused on their shortsighted and incompetent ideas and massive stagnation against progress, innovative new systems, and a focus on idiotic RP balancing VS actually doing things people enjoy.

This will be my only post on the matter.
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PostSubject: Re: Server Population!   Server Population! EmptyThu Aug 06, 2015 11:48 am

i....haven't been active cause i've been busy with other games
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PostSubject: Re: Server Population!   Server Population! EmptyThu Aug 06, 2015 2:23 pm

I am still around, just been alil preoccupied with a few things (school / work / life related, you all know how it is) Its difficult for me, but I will always support / promote naruto based communities. This one has one of the most developed systems compared to all others, and love how easy it is to follow.

My opinions on what may deter people are as mentioned previously, and my own past experience as admin:
- RP Rules maybe too limiting? (I enjoy the rep point / skill point system though)
- Limited things to do on the server inbetween events / missions / dm oriented things (offer perhaps xp grinding, scripted missions for ryo. Afterall XP / Ryo doesnt get transferred to char remakes right?)
- Too much DM dependency, causes the DMs to be burnt out. Incentives are good, but they are humans too. A new system should be implemented to work around the need to have DMs do missions / etc. hence why scripted things may work out so much better.
- Monthly contests, weekly tournaments, monthly "char promotion" events. Such things would entice players to participate. Preferably keep it to players only, DMs have their own thing going on already.
- Forum based interaction / rewards, for those who do not have the time to log on and spend a few hours on an event.

Keeping it fun, is giving people options and things to do. If you give players the ability to be more interactive with the server it may be more beneficial. I think everyone on the staff, and the players have a vision of what they would like to incorporate, it may pay off taking a few of those opinions to heart whether it is against the "old" standards the server was built on or not. Progress = change.
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PostSubject: Re: Server Population!   Server Population! EmptyThu Aug 06, 2015 7:21 pm

Don't know bout other people butt (heh), I've been studying and interning soooo, not as much time.
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Server Population!
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