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 Suggestion - Baseline Disciplines

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Suggestion - Baseline Disciplines Empty
PostSubject: Suggestion - Baseline Disciplines   Suggestion - Baseline Disciplines EmptyThu Aug 13, 2015 7:59 pm

As we all know (Or I hope so!) Discipline jutsu, Taijutsu / Bukijutsu / Genjutsu / General Ninjutsu are all.. generally.. very inefficient or downright useless. Not entirely a bad thing but.. when you look to these baseline jutsu.. and you can't really even consider learning them beyond saying you know them, well. It's bad.

My suggestion is to give each of these a single common specialty, decided either by the DM Team, a player consensus, or perhaps by the individual. The first two options have the most ease of implementation.

I feel like this could potentially put /some/ value in these jutsu.
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Suggestion - Baseline Disciplines
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