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 Riz Uchiha custom Slots

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PostSubject: Riz Uchiha custom Slots   Mon Aug 17, 2015 9:04 pm

Piercing Sharingan
The Dojutsu of the Uchiha clan, said to be a cousin of the Byakugan and the Tōchōgan. Each user's abilities with the eye are unique as it grows from single tomoe to it's mature three tomoe forms. Riz's Sharingan has been trained through his merciless kenjutsu training to be able to pin point and relay weak spots in enemys gaurds, armour and attacks allowing him to strike more deadly.

Base: 6 increased critical range per round, to Bukijutsu
Upgrade I: 8 increased critical range per round, to Bukijutsu
Upgrade II: 10 increased critical range per round, to Bukijutsu
Note: In roleplay terms, base can be single tomoe, Upgrade I can be 2 tomoe, Upgrade II can be 3 tomoe and the eventual grade 4 version can be their Mangekyo abilities.

Sword style: Rapier and dagger.
This is the most versatile style of rapier combat. It allows the fighter to attack or defend with either hand, and allows the possibility of both distance combat and close-in work.
Base: +1d2 bukijutsu damage.
Upgrade I: +1d3+1 bukijutsu damage
Upgrade II: +1d4+1 bukijutsu damage
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Riz Uchiha custom Slots
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