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 Yumi: Doujutsu

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PostSubject: Yumi: Doujutsu   Tue Aug 18, 2015 1:59 pm

"True Strike"
Jutsu Type: Sharingan Doujuitsu - Genjutsu - Intelligence
Rank: E
Specialties: Negatives, Bonus to Rolls, Duration
CP: 1
Description: A simple genjutsu, the user tricks an attacker with their sharingan into attacking the wrong location, where as misdirection leaves them aware they didn't hit. This jutsu creates the illusion that they in fact successful and may have gained some sort of advantage, when the target doesn't bear the effects of their strike, confusion may set in, something along the lines of rapid recovery, or truly the realization that their mind is being messed with
DF: Defend

"Soul Breaker"
Jutsu Type: Sharingan Doujutsu - Genjutsu -  Intelligence
Rank: S
Specialties: Negatives (required to learn), Bonus to Rolls, Duration
CP: 20
Description: Soul Breaker, is a technique that is developed expressly for the purposes of interrogation, or more specifically, wrenching someones mind to such an extent that they break into madness, their thoughts becoming putty within the users hands, as they delve deeper and deeper into their memories, pulling out what they desire. Going through several steps to bring forth required information.
PVP: Out of Combat - To be used on subdued/captured/willing individuals either (those who have lost a fight and are under the users control for whatever reason)
Step 1: User uses the jutsu creating a link between the users mind and the target, this starts out very simply by an everyday memory, such as walking in a park, or even eating breakfast, performed by a Doujutsu vs Genjutsu Defense

Step 2: Assuming the memory is pulled out the user of the jutsu makes her victim live through these memories, turning them into something of nightmares
Another Doujutsu vs Genjutsu Defense (defender takes -2)

Step 3: As the nightmares become more and more a reality for the target, other things that scare the would come to mind, the user of the jutsu, exploits this taking advantage of them to make them more and more part of the victims reality
Another Doujutsu vs Genjutsu Defense (defender takes a -4)

Step 4: Should the victim not resist the other three steps, information becomes putty in the users hands, as the victim descends into a lasting madness (minimum 1 day RL, maximum of the victims choosing oocly). For as long as the madness lasts this jutsu can be used again (no cost) even after its first casting to go to step 4 instantly, gaining more information, every detail as accurate to the doujutsu user as they would be to the defender (were they still sane).
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Yumi: Doujutsu
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