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 Konohagakure Bingo Book

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PostSubject: Konohagakure Bingo Book   Konohagakure Bingo Book EmptyTue Apr 28, 2015 1:57 am

Konohagakure Bingo Book Wanted_Poster_by_DAWildGuns_zpss7zxsqke

(( OOC : All Information on this page is restricted to Chuunin and Above Ranked Shinobi or those of the ANBU/Tracker occupation. If there is a missing shinobi of another village on another Bingo Book, That book does not apply to this and that information will be unknown to those of Konohagakure no Sato. Information of this degree are not shared amongst the villages and nor will information from this Bingo Book will reach other villages unless events occur to state otherwise. And should that occur the Bingo Books will be updated. ))


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Name :
Class of Nukenin :
Notable Features :
Special Abilities :
Last Known Location :
Crimes Commited :
Bounty :
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Konohagakure Bingo Book
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