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 The Tools of Diplomacy (Announcement)

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PostSubject: The Tools of Diplomacy (Announcement)   Tue Jun 09, 2015 8:43 pm

All civilizations have, at their disposal, a number of tools related to diplomacy and solving problems on a larger scale than themselves. For the Shinobi Villages, one of these tools comes in the form of their Shinobi, who can either be an asset or a liability, depending on their actions. All Shinobi are representative of their village, at all times, unless they are specifically hiding where they are from for one reason or another. Any time they act upon the World, they leave their mark and impress upon the world their opinions. Sometimes, this results in positive changes, relationships, and alliances. Other times, it results in war.

Please refer to this post for a better idea of what the numbers mean.

Wind Country Diplomacy wrote:
Alliances: N/A
Revered Nations: Claw
Liked Nations: Fang, Tea
Disliked Nations: Rain, River, Grass
Hated Nations: Fire
Wars: N/A
Trade Agreements: Earth, Fang, Claw, Tea, Bear, Mountain, Water, Nagi Island, O’uzu Island, Sea
Vassals: N/A

Sunagakure Reputation wrote:
Suna-Wind Country Relations: 217
Earth Country: 0
Fire Country: -207
Lightning Country: 0
Water Country: 0
Bear Country: 0
Claw Country: 211
Fang Country: 101
Frost Country: 0
Grass Country: -101
Hotsprings Country: 0
Iron Country: 0
The Islands: 0
Mountain Country: 0
Nagi Island: 0
Noodles Country: 0
O’uzu Island: 0
Rain Country: -101
Rice Country: 10
River Country: -101
Sea Country: 0
Snow Country: 0
Tea Country: 106
Waterfall Country: 0

Faction Diplomacy
Sakyuugakure: -2
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The Tools of Diplomacy (Announcement)
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