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 Genjutsu Techniques

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PostSubject: Genjutsu Techniques   Fri Jun 26, 2015 2:16 am

Name: Misdirection
Rank/Type: E/Genjutsu
Cost: 1 CP
Roleplay: Making your enemy think you are in a slightly different direction, it causes their attack to go off-course
DF Effects: Allows defensive action with INT

Leaf Burial
Rank/Type: E/Genjutsu Konoha
Cost: 1 CP
Roleplay: This technique fools the target into thinking they are being smothered by leaves, the more they struggle the more leaves appear.
DF Effects: Single Target. Deals Base Rank Damage

Name: Cactus Genjutsu
Rank/Type: E/Genjutsu Suna
Cost: 1 CP
Roleplay: Using a nearby cactus' pollen, the user places anyone who comes in contact with it under a strong genjutsu that is hardly noticeable due to the technique's inconspicuous execution. In this genjutsu, the victim has the impression to cross an area over and over again while in reality, it does not move at all.
DF Effects: Single Target. Deals Base Rank Damage

Name: Hell Viewing Technique
Rank/Type: D/Genjutsu Konoha
Cost: 2 CP
Roleplay: This is a genjutsu that reveals the fears that dwell inside people's hearts. Everyone has an image of the one thing they wouldn't want to ever see. This genjutsu is a technique that draws forth such an image from within the heart and has one mistake it for reality. First, an imaginary circle of leaves will spin around and envelop the target, falling away shortly after. After a short period, the illusion will begin. This is to make the illusion more convincing, since the user will likely have moved before the illusion sets in. If the mental image is a gruesome one, the shock will be accordingly great.
DF Effects: Single Target. Deals Base Rank Damage + 1

Name: Desert Mirage Assault
Rank/Type: D/Genujutsu Suna
Cost: 2 CP
Roleplay: This genjutsu creates eerie black ninja illusions, which appear one by one from trees and rocks, and then corners the enemy. Their movements are somehow slow, but when attacked they multiply, and in this way they appear like ghosts inhabiting the haze.
DF Effects: Single Target. Deals Base Rank Damage + 1

Name: False Surroundings 
Rank/Type: C/Genjutsu Konoha
Cost: 4 CP 
Roleplay: A genjutsu that allows one to trick others into mistaking the place they're in for another. This technique's main feature is that it can be cast over an extensive surface, therefore any and all who step into the illusion's area of effect will fall under the spell.
DF Effects: Single Target. Deals 1/2 Base Rank Damage + 1 CP Damage, -1 Crit range

Name: Suffocating Sand Burial
Rank/Type: C/Genjutsu Suna
Cost: 4 CP
Roleplay: Playing on the primal fear of both being buried alive, and choking to death, this genjutsu forces the targert to believe sand is filling their lungs as it covers their body.
DF Effects: Single target. Deals (1/2 Base Rank Damage + 1d2)/2 each Round. Lasts 2 rounds. (Rounded down)

Tree Binding Death
Rank/Type: B/Genjutsu (Konoha)
Cost: 6 CP
Roleplay: This is one of the genjutsu passed down since ancient times in Konohagakure. The user first disappears from plain sight in a mist-like fashion in order to approach the target without being detected. Once close enough, the target will then be completely robbed of their mobility as they see the mirage of a fast-growing tree coiling itself around them. Given that the subject remains conscious, this technique proves extremely efficient for information-gathering. Once the target is immobile, the user can then attack the enemy, usually after emerging from the trunk of the tree. 
DF Effects: Single Target. Target suffers Mental Stun for D2+1

Name: Mass Desert Funeral
Rank/Type: B/Genjutsu Suna
Cost: 6 CP
Roleplay: This jutsu creates a covering illusion that sweeps through the surrounding. Those effected suffer the illusory sandstorm.
DF Effects: True AoE. Gain +1d2 to Physical Stealth checks for 1d2+1 rounds.
Notes: Those unaffected void the bonuses.
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Genjutsu Techniques
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