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 Konoha reports - Non mission related (Open)

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Konoha reports - Non mission related (Open) Empty
PostSubject: Konoha reports - Non mission related (Open)   Konoha reports - Non mission related (Open) EmptySun Jul 05, 2015 12:36 am

Type: Questioning
Subject: Kisame Nara
Interrogators: Shiori Takeyama, Muchi Inuzuka
Reason: Post injury report

Kisame has been spending time by the trials of fire training area, and has noticed a fox kit, and followed it trough the underbrush. However following it, he noticed some missing shinobi. Namely an male of approximately chuunin rank and torn shirt using doton and a female who's only characteristic from listening in on them was being an avid stargazer. They also had someone overseeing them, but individual was not present. He managed to trail them back to the camp and learn that they are working on a siege equipment to launch against the village.

He was however slightly clumsy on leaving the scene and got two kunai thrown at him sucessfully as he retreated, one of them with very potent poison. Kunai in question can be recovered from a sealed pot KI002 at the medical storage. Inuzuka Jounin has picked up the trail scent from Kisame's wound and went off to stop the machine machinations as the interrogation was brought to the close.

Kisame's wounds were treated and he should be back to duty in no time. And his report has saved village from a trouble upcoming down the road. I would even dare to commend his posture and skill at outwitting the more experienced opponents, even if he did make mistake of leaving village's premises on his own.

Takeyama Shiori, Chuunin.
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Konoha reports - Non mission related (Open) Empty
PostSubject: Re: Konoha reports - Non mission related (Open)   Konoha reports - Non mission related (Open) EmptySun Jul 05, 2015 7:17 am

Type: Report from Outsider
Reportee: Raven of the Masquerade-Mercenaries
Receivers: Shiori Takayama, Sumiko Takara

The Mercenary Raven of the Masquerade Mercenary Company reported that a shinobi of the Hidden Swamp had abducted a Joinin of Konoha.
Raven was in bad shape, seemingly having been in a fight. He could not report more than the whereabouts (Insert directions here) and that the Hidden-Swamp attacker used Frog-like qualities in his attacks.

He could not explain how he knew that the Shinobi of Konoha was a jounin, reporting that he was not identifiable and partially dissolved when they parted.

He claims to have made attempts to rescue the jounin, but was unsuccesful and barely got away with his own life.
His current position to contact is an Inn in the northern Fire.

It seems reasonable to follow up on this with haste. Raven and the Masquerade, despite their lack of allegiance, have shown themselves as beneficial for Konoha so far.
-Sumiko Takara
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Konoha reports - Non mission related (Open)
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