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 Anju (Sunagakure)

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Sarada Uchiha
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PostSubject: Anju (Sunagakure)   Mon Jun 01, 2015 9:45 pm

Anja Clan

Generations ago, a sect of Monks from the Wind temple were exiled for abandoning their vows in favour of showing compassion and empathy for those caught in the crossfire of feuding ninja clans. They took in shinobi of all walks of life and gave them a peaceful alternative through which they could become spiritually whole. Without the chastity of the Temple, ancestry of the monks and the ninja blended together into what would eventually be recognized as the Anja clan. The combined heritage of the monks and the Shinobi provided these new Shinobi with a special form of control over their own chakra, referred to as the ‘Gift of the Hermit’. This specialized chakra eventually led to the discovery and manifestation of the Tōchōgan by Anja Megane. Megane would eventually go on to officially form the Anja clan. organizing its members into a force that could defend themselves from attack. Megane solidified the ideals of the clan with the mantra: “Empathy, Decisiveness, Discipline, Prowess and Tenacity”. While their monastic discipline has begun to wane over time, they have managed to maintain a good deal of their original culture and spiritual natures.

The Anja Clan are rumored to share a common link with the Uchiha, Hyuuga, Sarutobi, and Senju Clans, through their relationship with the Nananoroushi [Seven Sages]. While the Uchiha and Hyuuga believe the Anja Clan to be a group of pretenders when it comes to Dojutsu, the Senju and Sarutobi Clans believe that the Anja are a disgrace to the meaning of the Shinobi lifestyle. As a result, the Anja Clan has many enemies that exist within Konohagakure and Fire Country, though they have not been so bold as to seek them out and enact some form of vigilante justice.

The Anja are known within Sunagakure for their expert tailoring, capacity for brewing alcohol, and can be identified through their distinct style of clothing - harkening back to their monastic period. They are well known throughout Sunagakure and are considered one of its more prestigious clans.

Anja Clan Abilities

Gift of the Hermit Group
Core Ability
This special chakra is usually reserved for the discipline and devotion of monks. However, the lineage and tradition of the Anja allow for their clan to achieve and master it with easy. It gives them access to unique Yang Release techniques that complement their spiritually powerful chakra. Their Yang techniques manifest as glistening, opalescent limbs, as if a divine beings loomed over the user; attacking with incorporeal appendages, weapons or trappings involved in spiritual rituals. Their forms glow with a pale light as they preform them.

Base I: Gain access to Yang Release. Specialties are Damage and DR Ignore. Gain 1 E-rank and 2 D-ranks of Yang Release.
Upgrade I: Gain 2 C-ranks of Yang Release
Upgrade II: Gain 1 B-rank and 1 A-Rank of Yang Release


Gift of the Bountiful Hermit (Optional, RP To Come)

Base I: Gain +3CP
Upgrade I:  Gain +5CP
Upgrade II: Gain +8CP

Tōchōgan (Anti-Active)
A unique dojutsu that expresses itself as a third eye on the forehead of the user. Before unlocking the dojutsu, there is no extra eye present on an Anja shinobi however, once unlocked it manifests as a vertical eyelid third eye that remains closed until activated. This slot causes a bang of hair on the user's head to turn silver. The Turmoil ability causes opalescent colours to dance in the mind's eye of the victim; making harder for them to maintain concentration on things like long-running jutsu.

Base I: Active – 2CP cost - Gain the 'Turmoil +1' ability: INT/WIS : D2 Rounds
Upgrade I:: Active – 4CP cost - Gain the 'Turmoil +2' ability: INT/WIS : D3+1 Rounds
Upgrade II: Active – 6CP cost - Gain the 'Turmoil +3' ability: INT/WIS : D3+2 Rounds
Note: Turmoil can be activated when an enemy uses an ability/jutsu with an upkeep cost. In the presence of Turmoil this enemy's upkeep costs are increased by the value listed beside it. It can be defended against as if it were a genjutsu and can be broken like a mental stun; however it does not count as a genjutsu. This affect lasts Z Rounds.
Note: Higher level Anja can use the lower level versions of this active if they wish.

Monastic Legacy (Ninjutsu Focus, Requires Gift of the Hermit Group)
The spirituality of the clan means that even from a young age, the Anja shinobi are deeply aware of their personal chakras and the connection to Yang release. Making their jutsu and forms ever more deadly.

Base I:+1 to Yang Release rolls.
Upgrade I: +2 to Yang Release rolls.
Upgrade II: +3 to Yang Release rolls.

Shinobi Legacy (Health)
Some families within the can prefer the physical over spiritual due to an old ancestry linking back to the adopted ninja of the clan. They use their Yang releases to 'bless' their bodies and weapons with abilities as opposed to more typical ninjutsu.

Base I: +3HP.
Upgrade I: +5HP.
Upgrade II: +8HP.

Eye Chakra Moulding (Ninjutsu Utility)
Those with great control over their dojutsu can use it's complex internal structure to mould chakra and complete jutsu without the use of their hands. Many ninja have been caught off-guard when not expecting jutsu to erupt from their captured Anja's third eye. Those who advance this far with their Tōchōgan cause 50% of their hair to turn silvery-white.

Base I: May cast ninjutsu while physically stunned for +5 CP cost. +1 Yang release damage.
Upgrade I: May cast ninjutsu while physically stunned for +4 CP cost. +D2 Yang release damage.
Upgrade II: May cast ninjutsu while physically stunned for +3 CP cost. +D3 Yang release damage.
Note: Using Eye moulding causes the Turmoil ability to go on cool-down for D2 Rounds.
Note: Using Eye moulding activates the Tōchōgan but does not cause the Turmoil ability.

Monastic Endurance (Longevity Focus)
The Anja are trained like monks; able to endure hardship and fasting like few others. Their bodies are so toughened at this point to spiritual famine that they can persist and fight were others would be drained to the point of fainting.

Base I: Able to continue with 0CP up to D2 rounds.
Upgrade I: Able to continue with 0CP up to D3 rounds.
Upgrade II: Able to continue with 0CP up to D3+1 rounds.
Note: When hitting 0 CP, all upkeep jutsu are immediately ended and abilities/Jutsu with Actives cannot be used. User may only use D Rank Jutsu while at 0CP. CP Regen is inactive as of 0CP. CP cannot go below 0.

Killing Sense (Melee Specialis)
Training deep into the physicality of the ninja ways eventually gives benefits for a people more focused on the spirituality of things. They learn to sense the killer instinct in their opponents so as to learn the perfect time to dodge and strike.

Base I: Can make a second taijutsu attack that deals D4 damage. Has a 1 round cooldown.
Upgrade I: Can make a second taijutsu attack that deals D4+1 damage. Has a 1 round cooldown.
Upgrade I: Can make a second taijutsu attack that deals D4+2 damage. Has a 1 round cooldown.

Third Eye Warrior/Scion (Physical/Mental Efficiency
The wisdom of the third eye opening and the honed body of a master ninja combine in Anja who reach these levels of power. They flow through combat, their third eye seeing ahead to avoid mishaps and unexpected twists to combat. Anyone with this slot has a full head of silvery-white hair.

Base I:You may re-roll natural 1s on one damage dice per round.
Upgrade I:You may re-roll natural 1s on 1 damage dice per attack per round.
Upgrade II:You may re-roll natural 1s on 2 damage dice per attack per round.
Note: When buying this you must choose either ninjutsu or taijutsu. the effect of this slot only applies to that particular type of damage roll.

Anjan Magus (Nin/Tai Master)
Those who deny themselves the arts of the third eye take long road of mastering both body and mind, allowing them to intertwine at the road's ultimate point. They swap effortlessly between their ninjutsu and taijutsu abilities.

Base I: When using Taijutsu or Yang Release Ninjutsu, you may choose 1 Anja slot bonuses that applies to the other kind and add it. Costs 2cp per bonus added.
Upgrade I: When using Taijutsu or Yang Release Ninjutsu, you may choose 2 Anja slot bonuses that applies to the other kind and add it. Costs 2cp per bonus added.
Upgrade II: When using Taijutsu or Yang Release Ninjutsu, you may choose 3  Anja slot bonuses that applies to the other kind and add it. Costs 2cp per bonus added.
Note: Taijutsu can take bonuses from Yang Release. Yang Release can take bonuses from Taijutsu. Techniques that count as both can take from either but cannot double dip.


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Sarada Uchiha
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PostSubject: Re: Anju (Sunagakure)   Sun Jun 07, 2015 4:42 am

Name: Awaishi Anja
Alias: Awai/Grandmaster/The Grey Lion
Affiliations: Sunagakure, Anja Clan
Rank: Jounin
Occupation: Anja Clan head
Combat Style/Weapon of Choice: Variable Kenjutsu, Nintaijutsu.
Elemental Preference: Yang/Wind
Squad [If Any]: N/A

Lifetime: SE22-Present (Age 59)
Gender: Male
Height: 5' 6''
Weight: 159lbs
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Silvery White
Skin: Natural Russet
Build: Stocky and Muscular
Distinctive Characteristics: The Tōchōgan, facial tattoos, masses of carried weapons.
Outfit: Traditional Gis, Kimonos and footwrapings when casual but prefers sleeveless vests and baggy trousers in combat.
Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual (Panromantic)
Marital Status: Married
Significant Likes: Quanun Music, Lryical Debating, Potato Knishes.
Significant Dislikes: Zealotry, Konoha Dojutsu Users, Okra.

Atone for his sins as a young man.
Lead the Anja Clan to prosperity within Sunagakure.
Lessen tensions between Suna and Konoha. X
Live to see his Children become Jounin
Learn to play the Quanun
See the 2nd Kazekage replaced.
Pass on his Yōton: Shōmei and Yōton: Igna arts
Defeat the clan head of the Uchiha clan:
Defeat the clan head of the Hyuga clan:

Hojo Anja (Brother)
Hisakata Anja (Wife)
Chisaishi (1st Son)
Onryoko (1st Daughter)
Kokankirai (2nd Son)

Awai was born before the time of Konoha and thus felt a lot more of the freedom and danger that the world had to offer then. He was a wild child, seeking thrills and danger where he could. His choice to take the rites toward the Tōchōgan were purely an attempt to gain some insight into the future as those of his bloodline had before him. He failed to see it was not foresight but possible futures according to his knowledge that he saw. This error led him to become one of the guardians of the Wind Daimyo then; he frequently brought dishonour by abandoning his post in favour for 'actively dealing with threats'. It wasn't until he accidently mistook a vision for a lethal threat against the Diamyo; instead of an assassin attacking from behind, it was a servant assisting the Daimyo in wiping his brow. He was ordered to ritual sucide but rejected the idea and returned home to the Anja Clan under attack.

The subjugation of the Anja had begun and he was caught in the middle of it. He became known as the Grey Lion during his battles to keep Anja free. However, he was defeated and captured. In his jail cell, he had another vision; his clan spread across the world like the four winds; he saw their light die in the cruelty of the world when they were seperate. With great effort, he escaped from his cell with renewed purpose and saught out his clan. He realized that his visions were to be savoured and broken down, not casually acted on. So through battles, both physical and mental, he brought each noble of the clan into agreement with him by sharing his vision. The day of the Greying Lion is marked in Anjan culture; as the day that Awaishi led them from doom into Sunagakure. For his service, he was made the head of his clan by his people and his crimes to the Daimyo were forgiven.

Overall Personality:
Awai seems curt and blunt upon first impressions but he will stop to consider other people's words, even that of children. He hurries his own words to hear that of others. He would be perhaps one of the more peaceful and even-handed of the Sunagakure clan heads; being one of those who seek to end the rising tensions with Konohagakure. He evocates peaceful options when they are available. However, If his mercy is betrayed or if he sees no other option, he is ruthless with executing his plans. Swift and concise after deliberating with himself on the right course. His flaws include being paralysed with indecision with important matters that invovle lives. He does not hide is affection for his people and the affection for the new generation even if they don't share it. He also does not hide his disdain for the 2nd Kazekage but has done more than enough to prove he is loyal to Sunagakure. In personal and familiar surroundings, Awai is quiet and reserved; speaking very softly and more slowly than his buisness way. He is not above jokes but his humour is normally refered to as 'grandad humour' then again he is pretty much the closest thing that many in the Anja clan have to a grandfather.

Level: 40
Elemental Affinity: Yang and Wind
Abilities: Awaishi is the epitome of the third eye warrior branch of Anjan combat. However, he prefers Kenjutsu over hand-to-hand. He prefers blades of all others and carries many of them on to the battlefield. He alternates between two-handed weapons, two blades or one blade depending on the opponent. He uses Yang release to extend the range and cutting angles of his blades; manifesting as translucent golden weaponry fit for divine beings. He uses Wind release for extreme range, area and also for some defence against ranged opponents. There are a number of techniques he is feared for:

Example Jutsu:

Equipment: Many blades, large and small. Taken from various enemies that tried to kill his people. All of them are important to him but few are beyond typical swords.


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Sarada Uchiha
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PostSubject: Re: Anju (Sunagakure)   Sun Jun 07, 2015 4:42 am

Anju’s Yang  Jutsu

These jutsu are available to anyone who has the Anju core slots. Their specialities are damage and DR ignore. Creating custom jutsu for this type should have a theme of creating either the translucent images of religious/ceremonial items or the body of a ‘divine’ being unique to the user.

Chant of the Fist
After performing the seal of hermit, a disembodied arm of translucent light manifests in the area of the target; punching at the blindspot.
Type/Rank: E-rank Yang Ninjutsu (WIS)
Cost: 1CP
Effect: Single Target Attack, deals base damage-1.
Note: You may use this jutsu to attack again in the next round for no cost.

Prayer of the Wicket Gate
Kneel and perform the seal of the hermit. Before the user will form a small door that protects the user briefly.
Type/Rank: E-rank Yang Ninjutsu (WIS)
Cost: 1CP
Effect: Defend self,
Note: You may defend with technique up to 2 times before it fades.

Chant of the Arrow
Perform the seal of the hermit and raise your gaze to your target. A golden archer manifests over the shoulder and shoots to the target.
Type/Rank: D-rank Yang Ninjutsu (WIS/DEX)
Cost: 2CP
Effect: Single Target Attack. Deals Base damage but ignores 1d4 Ninjutsu DR.

Expunge Wroth
Focus your anger and rage outward from your mind and let it explode from you with your chakra. Leaving your mind unburdened
Type/Rank: D-rank Yang Ninjutsu (WIS)
Cost: 2CP
Effect: Free Action, Add 1d2 damage to your next Yang damage rolls although for 1 round take a -1 to all rolls.

Shrouding Prayer
Use the seal of the hermit and manifest the ‘divine’ limbs around your own, let them user your strength to push past enemy armour.
Type/Rank: C-rank Anju Nintaijutsu (WIS/DEX)
Cost: 4CP
Effects: Free Action, your next taijutsu attack ignores an additional 1D2 Taijutsu DR.

Chant of Isolation
Perform the Seal of the Hermit. The target will be surrounded on all sides by translucent walls of light. Delay in adding the roof.
Type/Rank: C-rank Anju Ninjutsu (WIS)
Cost: 4CP
Effect: Single Target attack, Physical Stun for 1 round.  
Note: Those Defending against this technique with DEX gain a +2 to their roll.

Prayer of the Temple Gate
Make the seal of the Hermit and place your palm to the ground. Manifested ahead will be the spectral gates to a temple to protect you.
Type/Rank: B-rank Anju Ninjutsu
Cost: 6
Effect: Defend self and 4 other people. gains a +1 to the defense roll.

Chant of 100 Fists
Concentrate chakra though still, brief meditation. With the seal of the hermit, focus your chakra on the target. The many arms of a deity will manifest and pummel the opponent into submission.
Type/Rank: B-rank Anju Nintaijutsu (WIS/DEX)
Cost: 6
Effect: Single Target Attack, deals base damage +1d10+1.
Note: Defending with STR against this attack gains a +1 bonus.

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Anju (Sunagakure)
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