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 Advancing Your Character: Stealth/Detect

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PostSubject: Advancing Your Character: Stealth/Detect   Sun Jun 21, 2015 6:04 am


Stealthing/Detection - Basics

May attempt to Stealth on your turn. This takes your turn.
Without an Ability(Passive) to do so hiding in combat costs 2CP.
You must Roll Physical Stealth(DEX/INT).
Physical Detection is rolled with DEX/INT.
If your opponent is capable of Chakra Detection(has Passive bonuses to Chakra Detection) you must also roll WIS.
If you lose the DEX/INT Roll you are Detected. If you lose the WIS roll you are Detected.
If you are not Detected, your next Attack is automatically considered a crit if it hits.
Performing Chakra Detection costs 2cp.

When you may make Stealth/Detection Checks

When the seeker has no prior knowledge to someone hiding from them. All characters are considered to start out in this state; They are typically less likely to be able to make checks against hiders in this state.

On Guard
When the seeker has sensed someone is nearby but cannot pinpoint their location. Characters who have been attacked recently, have been able to sense a target or are generally expecting an attack or someone following them count as being in this state. Hiders have been sensed but their exact location is unknown.

When the seeker can see and fully pinpoint the location of someone. Characters are in this state when they can see and pinpoint the location of a character. In other words, hiders have been fully spotted in this state.

Out of Combat Stealth

In non-combat situations, a character may approach another, while they are hidden. The hiding character must declare that are hiding to the 'seeker' through private messages but no rolls need to be made immediately. If the Seeker is in a 'Unaware', they may not make opposed stealth rolls until the hider emotes something that might make a noise or otherwise tip them off to someone being there. In these situations, when the seeker wins the roll by under X amount, they change from being unaware to on guard. If they beat the hider by over X, they switch from unaware to aware. Seekers who are On guard, are free to make opposed stealth rolls so long as they emote that they are searching.

A hider may choose to attack someone they are hidden from. Before they make attack rolls, the seeker gets a free opposed stealth roll. If the seeker wins, they switch to aware and may react to the attack as they would normally. If the hider wins, the seeker still becomes aware but they gain the 'ambush' bonus onto their attack(Automatic Critical). After the ambush has been resolved and both parties still want to fight, they roll initiative, the winder of the opposed check getting a bonus to their initiative roll.

Combat Stealth

While characters are in combat, or any character is in combat nearby; all those people involved are in the 'On-guard' state. Any character on their turn may attempt to hide from their opponent. They make an opposed stealth check and if the hider wins, the seeker is reduced to 'On guard' state. If the seeker wins, they maintain their aware state. Hiding takes a turn but does not take up the free action. A hiding character attacking a seeker during combat operates the same as out-of-combat ambushes except it does not include the initiative rolls. Characters who are stunned can't take actions therefore can oppose stealth checks.

Multiple Seekers and Hiders

The rules above apply to any stealth situation but there are a few tips to keep the system smoother when many people are involved.

Hiders make 1 stealth roll and apply it to everyone trying to spot them.
Seekers who have been made 'on guard' by a single hider now counts as 'on guard' to all characters.
Anyone attempting to hide mid-combat needs to beat all the seeker's opposed rolls with their single.
Any seeker that has been made aware of a hider can point out their location to their team as a free action. This action puts all their allies into 'Aware' state.
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Advancing Your Character: Stealth/Detect
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